Barcode Technology

Traditional barcode readers are very effective in the right application.

They do however generally rely on a barcode being presented in a fixed position.
What happens when this presentation becomes far more randomised and the barcode can occur anywhere within large areas as well as at different distances from the scanning equipment.

Envisage Systems have a range of hardware and software solutions available to deal with problems such as these.

Each application is judged on its own merits and a conclusion drawn, in conjunction with the customer, as to the best means of tackling the project.
The major consideration during the initial evaluation phase is how practical is the application.




During a recent large project based on the reading of randomised bar code labels, the fact that the vast majority of the reading activity had to take place at night had to be taken into account, especially in relation to the affect that the illumination sources would have on the working environment.

Another over-riding factor in the project was that the system had to be totally self sufficient since health and safety regulations on the shop floor precluded any personnel being in the vicinity of any of the scanning or control equipment.

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