Package Verification System (PVS)

Envisage Systems PVS is a totally flexible Package Verification System, designed for the food industry.
It can be configured to work with round or square products and depending on the application specific requirements, can be fitted with up to six cameras although single camera installations are currently the most popular.
Due to the completely flexible infrastructure of the PVS system, other technologies can be easily incorporated within the system. A typical example would be the inclusion of a barcode reader to verify that a base label has been correctly applied to the product.
We are currently supplying systems which will even identify that the correct foodstuff has been placed in the packaging although there are a number of factors which determine the suitability of this test in each of these cases.



The mechanical concept of the systems is based on the supply of self contained customised enclosures (see picture above for a typical line installation) which are designed to fit over existing product transportation conveyors. These are either floor mounted or where possible can make use of existing fixing facilities depending on available space.  The cameras, the LED illumination system and the trigger mechanism are all mounted within these enclosures.
The system enclosures are fitted as standard with a warning system showing if the line is in an override or stop condition. In this way, supervisory personnel are easily able to see the condition of all lines within the factory.
This type of design is generally used because it causes minimum disruption to production facilities whilst being installed.

The systems can be supplied with reject mechanisms based on numerous technologies, reject bins containing “bin full” and “reject confirmation” sensors or can be designed to simply stop the line where reject product is detected.


The system is also able to take control over line printers in order to remove the possibility of an operator entering an erroneous date or other piece of data.
The critical information such as “sell by” offset days etc is all stored along with each individual product in the system and is automatically applied when an operator simply selects the product to be run.
The system does have a print over-ride mode which enables the automatic data to be changed but this is only accessible by use of a supervisory password and all such instances of change are logged in a file for audit trail purposes.

We currently have driver modules for Domino, Linx and Markem Smartdate printers with others developed as and when the requirement arises.

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