Cheese Mould Detection


With two parallel lines consisting of two inspection stations each, this system which has been significantly upgraded in 2019 is capable of inspecting all six sides of 20kg blocks of cheese that are still wrapped in plastic prior to the de-bagging and cutting operations.
Whilst the original system employed white light with high resolution colour cameras, the system has been recently enhanced to utilise multi-spectral lighting, greatly improving the ability to detect mould.
The multi-spectral light sources which generate up to eight different wavelengths of light were fitted with polarisation units in order to negate any reflections from the plastic wrapping.
As is usual with any kind of food application, it is complicated by the fact that there is considerable variation in the appearance of cheese types and so it became necessary to real time interface with the line PLC in order to ascertain the cheese type before it is inspected. Results of the inspections at both stations are collated on the system PLC and a reject signal is generated in order that the block is removed from the line.


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