Food Industry

Whilst we have done our share of packaging verification systems, these are generally relatively simple to specify and produce. Items such as barcodes or characters can easily be read and on-line printers automatically programmed with ease.
Nowadays our skill sets are generally utilised in more challenging applications where we might, for instance, be required to detect mould on a product or verify the constituent parts of a food mix with the use of hyper-spectral imaging.
All of our food based systems are produced utilising food grade stainless steel and all system components are protected to whatever levels are necessary.

Interfacing with line control systems is also undertaken where required to perhaps utilise an existing reject mechanism.
Where necessary we will supply all of the mechanical components required by the system (conveyors etc) and this aspect of the project is discussed during system design.


Stainless Steel Food Grade


Packaging Verification

Food Quality Inspection


Interfacing With Control Systems

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