Plastic cap inspection

This application was complicated by the fact that a 3D element was to be added to the standard 2d checks which are standard on this type of product. A multi station machine was therefore developed which would offer up the cap
product in individual nests. Individual lighting techniques were employed at each station which as well as performing their specific tasks, had to cope with a large number of colour variations.

The 3D element of the project was to establish if a seal was present, complete and properly seated within the cap. Another possibility existed whereby two seals may have been introduced into the cap. The 3d station was used to detect this defect type as well.

In order to make the machine cope with the different vision technologies, the two 2D stations were placed over nests at static index positions whereby the 3D station was positioned in between stations in order to capture and build up an image of a moving cap.

3D Inspection

Multi Station


Seal Integrity


Synchronisation moving forward

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