Meter Reading


This set of systems was designed for validating pairing of smart meter modules.
We needed to develop a system capable of reading analogue water meters that use rotary dials.

The task was made particularly challenging because the need for accuracy was specified to the 1000ths, whilst the system could only see the 10ths dial.
The fact that the meters are all covered with a glass face posed a very interesting illumination challenge which was overcome after much testing of various light sources.

A second, larger multi station system was developed for meters having rotating digit counters. With this system, we read the right-most three digits with a repeatable accuracy down to 1/4 digit. We also identify the internal radio transmitter via a printed barcode. A further requirement to read the body serial number was added late on in the project.

For all systems, the system controller triggers the process and we respond with the start and end meter readings at the end of the test cycle.

Multi Station


Simultaneous Image Processing


Interfacing with Control Systems


Different image processing sharing single concept user interface

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